Spiritual Mastery Program

Offered by Lauri Wild, Alchemist

 Spiritual Mastery program


The Spiritual Mastery program is an online training aiming to accelerate your spiritual growth. This program  contains both private 1:1 sessions and group sessions supported with learning material and email or text message support. The entire program is run online and you can join easily from USA or Europe.

What is Spiritual Mastery?

Spiritual Mastery is learning to connect with one’s truth, which is the infinite being that you truly are. Our mind and our 3D being is so conditioned and programmed to certain beliefs that seeing the truth is not easy. Our egos have become really strong as we learn to fight for our place in the society and find our way to freedom. However true freedom is inner freedom achieved through spiritual liberation. 

Spiritual liberation is achieved when one is free from any of the programs that control ones consciousness. Once achieved there will be a feeling of vast expansion, unlimited possibilities and unconditional love towards everything and everyone. It feels everything is possible and all pain is gone.  

How to achieve Spiritual Mastery? 

There are as many paths to spiritual mastery as there is people on this planet. There is no right or wrong way to achieve spiritual liberation and eventually everyone gets there. However some signposts are helpful on this complex journey towards enlightenment. During my personal journey I discovered hidden keys within an ancient Runic alphabet which allowed me to see a map of consciousness supporting personal growth and ultimately showing the path to complete liberation. I call these signposts or this path as the nine golden keys to liberation. 

On my program, each month is dedicated to one of the signposts and as the year progresses through its natural cycles we walk through each of them over and over again. Repetition is very important as real learning cannot take place unless we review our progress to a known reference. 

The monthly sessions are supported with personal 1:1 sessions to ensure support for your unique way of growth and to also create your own spiritual process that best supports you. 

How to sign-up?

Signing up for my Spiritual Mastery program is easy. Just open my donation page and set a regular monthly donation for me for a minimum of three months. After three months you can cancel that agreement at any time. Once you have set-up the donation I will contact you with exact instructions about the next steps.

What do I get? 

You get the following:

  • One 1:1 session per month (or two short ones). This session can contain spiritual counseling, spiritual healing, energy activations and guidance. 
  • Free access to the monthly group session containing chakra activations and clearing, energy healing and spiritual coaching. 
  • Workbook supporting the nine month journey allowing for self reflection and review plus act as a reminder
  • Email or text message support when required with energy boosts

Why wait? Join now to accelerate your personal growth.


You can just drop-in to the next group session or sign-up to the full program right now. They you will get your first 1:1 within 7 days from joining.

If you want to join the program, set-up a monthly recurring donation as explained on the donation page. Once that is set, you are in!

Use the calendar below to register to the next group session as a drop-in or as a regular member. Use the second calendar to schedule a short free call with me. 

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