Psychic Interference First Aid


Sit down comfortably.

Breathe deeply 2-3 times and then just relax (as much as you can).

Imagine the centre of the Earth as a large white crystal. When you breathe in, feel crystal clear white light rising from the crystal into your lower abdomen (lower dan tian or hara). When you breathe out, feel your energy body releasing all negative energy back to that crystal. Continue breathing deeply, but slowly following the energy visualisation. With each in-breath raise the energy from that Crystal to your hara through the front of your body. With each out-breath release any negativity into that Crystal through the back of your body. The energy flows in and our in a circular fashion.

Keep breathing in a relaxed way and maintain the visualisation with the white light circulating up and down. When the light goes down, it can feel grey or even black. When it comes up, it is pure white.

Put your hands together in front of your body around your lower abdomen. Point the fingers down towards the Crystal and feel how pointing the fingers improve the negative energy flow down. You can even imagine a white laser gun shooting into that crystal through your fingers. Keep breathing until you feel a bit calmer. You can then relax your hands.

Then connect with the Source of All-There-Is through your Crown Chakra. Imagine a beam of White Light from the Source to the Crown. Breathe in White Light from the source. At the same time keep breathing energy from Earth to your lower abdomen. The White Light beams at the same time from the Source to your Crown and from the Earth to your lower abdomen.

Keep breathing like this for a while, so you get used to doing these two things at the same time. Let the breathing now be relaxed; don’t overdo it, so you don’t hyperventilate.

Then focus on your heart. On the in-breath now let the two streams of light meet in your heart. Then let your heart transform it into a colourful light, either Golden, Blue or Pink or really anything. Whatever colour turns up, use that. Trust your instincts. The first image is always right. If you have any difficulty with this, imagine New Year’s fireworks this should help you to get the colours going. 

Now change the visualisation for the out-breath. The bright light from the heart beams out and starts forming a protective energetic bubble around you (you imagine or see it with your mind’s eye).

Keep breathing in a relaxed way and enhance the image of the protective bubble around you. Keep breathing out colourful spiritual energy to the bubble around you (from your heart) to strengthen it further with each out-breath. Go on like this for a while.

When you breathe in, feel the energy coming in at the same time from Earth and Heavens both of them joining in your heart. When you breathe out, imagine the protective bubble around you getting stronger with every breath you take (the energy beaming out from your heart).

Sit with your palms open facing up. Feel how the energy also beams from the chakras in middle of your palms into the bubble with each out-breath.

Once you feel more strengthened by this exercise then start focusing on the following affirmation:


Repeat the affirmation for a while, and when it becomes automatic, you can then proceed then to the next and final step.

For some people, it may be easier to start from the affirmation and the move into the visualisation. Use your instincts in that. 

The final step in the process is to look into the White Dove in the picture below. Just keep gazing into the Dove, repeating the mantra and let the breathing and the visualisation now happen automatically.

Once you start feeling more peaceful and when you get the inner feeling that “All is well” you can then gently stop the process and thank for the invisible beings for their help.

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