Private Sessions

Offered by Lauri Wild, Alchemist

Private Sessions


Private sessions are tailored to your needs and the can consist of:

  • Energy transmission / healing
  • Spiritual healing
  • Past life regression
  • Interference removal
  • Spiritual coaching / mentoring / counselling
  • Channelling / Guidance / Rune Readings

During the session I intuitively tune into your entire being and work with the emotional field, mental field, spiritual field or any other subtle energy fields to facilitate energy balancing, restoration and wholeness into your being. I detect blocked energies, energy interference aiming to balance and clear those. The main goal of each session is to restore your connection to the source so that you are filled with purpose and wholeness. 

I prefer to run private sessions as part of the Spiritual Mastery program rather than having a few one off sessions. I believe long term work is more beneficial than an odd session here and there. To really transform oneself spiritual discipline is required and dedication for this task 

However I can run private 1:1 sessions also on demand if required.

Join the Spiritual Mastery program now or book your on-demand 1:1 now. 


You can schedule a free 10-15 minute introductory call if you have not met me before. This gives you an opportunity to ask more question about my work (this type of meeting does not include any energy work). 

You can also book a single 1:1 session using the calendar below but it is better to join the program as it is more cost effective. 

Recommended donation for 1:1 sessions is:

  • One off 1:1 session $188

    You can adjust your donation to suit your circumstances.

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