How to prepare for a session?


It is recommended that you prepare for your session well so you can enjoy the full benefits of the session. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me well in advance. Here is a list of the main things you should make a note of in advance for your maximum benefit.

1. Ensure you can be comfortable
Ideally, you would lay down on your bed or on a sofa with a blanket over you to make sure you are warm and comfortable. Make sure the room is not too cold or too hot. Ideally, do not leave windows open unless you have to keep the window open for ventilation. Also, have a glass of water for you which you can drink after the session.

2. Make sure you are not disturbed
This session is for you and for you to have maximum benefit from it make sure you are not disturbed during the session. Tell everyone who is in the house with you to not to disturb you during the session. Also, ensure you would not hear any sudden sounds so turn off your mobile phone or put it into the silent mode. 

3. How do we connect? (you chose this option during the booking)

  • Regular phone call: Use a speakerphone or a mobile phone with headsets (handsfree). Few minutes before the session is about to start dial into the provided conference call (a local call-in number provided for most countries). 
  • Zoom call: First time: join meeting 10 minutes early to download the app on your computer/smartphone.
  • FaceTime or WhatsApp call: Let me know your phone number. 

4.Use headsets or loudspeaker
However you call, I strongly recommend using headsets for best audio quality and maximum comfort during the session. I would not want you to hold the phone in your hand throughout the session as this is not comfortable for you (especially mobile phones). Loudspeaker mode is also ok though headsets often work better. 

​5. Ideally, lie down and use a computer or a tablet

Video call is not required but it often is helpful. It is much easier to do a video call from a laptop rather than from your smartphone. Position the laptop next to a sofa or your bed so I can see you even if you lie down during the session. Some people sit on their chairs during the session but this is not recommended. We can do a video call using Zoom, Skype or Facebook. Even if we do just an audio call lying down is recommended. 

6. Just before the session
To maximise the effect of the session do the Heart Opening Meditation 15 minutes before your session is about to start. This makes your subtle energy body more receptive to receive healing or reading. My resource page has several meditations that can help you. Alternatively, you can watch one of my old live streams from YouTube just before we start. 

7. After the session
It is important that immediately after a healing or reading session you do not have to do anything much. Ideally, do as little as possible and just spend some time alone, have a walk in nature or just have a cup of tea and enjoy “me time”. Do not do work or meet people after the session. 

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