Heart Opening Meditation


Sit down comfortably. 

Breathe deeply 2-3 times and then just relax (as much as you can). 

Look into the Kuan Yin Photo below.

Feel the connection with the energy of GRACE. Breathe in GRACE and Breathe out GRATITUDE. Keep breathing in a relaxed way and keep gazing into the photo and breathing in Grace and breathing out Gratitude. Feel your heart softening with each breath you take.  

Open your arms and hands like you would receive something through the palms of your hands. Feel that the energy of GRACE is beamed through the palms of your hands into your body and your Heart. Keep breathing for a moment like that. 

Then after a while start repeating the following words silently in your mind:


Feel how this mantra starts expanding the light in your Heart and your whole body. 

Breathe the incoming energy now into your heart and with each out-breath create a Golden, Blue or Pink bubble around you (with your mind’s eye). Whatever colour turns up, use that. Trust your instincts. The first image is always right. 

Keep breathing in a relaxed way and maintain the image of that colourful bubble around you. 

Continue this breathing deeply, but slowly and keep repeating the above mantra and visualisation until you feel that your heart is softened and opening up. Keep gazing at the Kuan Jin photo (or any other sacred object or photo on my website). 

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