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Lauri Wild, Alchemist

When I was a teenager, I experienced a 1 or 2-year episode of sleep paralysis, something I experience very rarely anymore. Sleep paralysis is a challenging state where you wake up, but you cannot move or do anything. Combined with the sleep paralysis, I experienced out-of-body journeys, multilayered dreaming and other sometimes frightening experiences. I could not speak to anyone about what I experienced. A few years later I experienced a full out-of-body experience where I was hovering over my bed watching myself and the bedroom. I journeyed to another city in my astral body in full consciousness. 

Experiences like this made me realise that there is something more to this life than just the three-dimensional reality. I eagerly read C.G. Jung’s books and other New Age type literature in my quest to try to understand more.

A little later I began my healing studies, initially with Aila Norlamo, leading to Reiki in 1992. Aila was the grand old lady of Finnish Reiki as she popularised Reiki in Finland. She was initiated by Wanja Twan, who was a Canadian Reiki Master. Wanja, had received her Master initiation from Hawayo Takata, who was only one step away in Reiki lineage from the founder of Reiki Dr Mikao Usui.  Hawayo Takata trained all the western Reiki masters, without her Reiki probably would not have left Japan until much later.

Inspired by healing work and art studies I began organising creativity workshops in 1994, and I have since then helped individuals realise their spiritual side through workshops and healing work. These creativity workshops became popular and laid the foundation for my later work. I was then also trained as a Relaxation Therapist to help people with high-stress levels.  I continued alternative medicine studies at the Kairon Institute for several years in Helsinki. I then became interested in the Findhorn Foundation Spiritual community and lived there during 1997 and 2000 to deepen my spiritual journey.  During this time I also graduated as a Game of Transformation Guide.

In Findhorn, I experienced my initial Kundalini Awakening where the powerful Shakti energy went through my spine, and I spent two days in a state of bliss and oneness. This life-changing experience deepened my quest for truth as I was trying to get back to that fantastic state. 

I then started longer healing studies with a well-known Estonian Healer and Shaman, Astrid Neeme through three-year intensive training at the end of the ’90s. This training included bio-energy healing, aura clearing and other types of core energy healing techniques similar to the Barbara Brennan method. Astrid has been highly acclaimed by Denise Linn who has also been studying with her. To complete the training with Astrid, I graduated as a certified Reiki Master in 2000 initiated by Astrid. This Reiki Master initiation required years of work, unlike much more recent “one-weekend” Reiki Master trainings available now everywhere.

After relocating to the sacred British Isles, I studied first with enlightened teacher Dave Oshana in London and Finland. I then continued studying Spiritual Counselling in the Isle of Avalon Foundation with Rachael Clyne in Glastonbury for one year. While living in Kent, I  studied  Shamanic Healing with the Medicine Woman Claire Powell in Sussex.

After I relocated to Glastonbury, I completed a two-year Shamanic Healing and Higher Perception Reading training with Jay and Kestrel Oakwood. Jay and Kestrel run the most established and longest running healing centre in Glastonbury called the Bridget Healing centre which is known to be used by Hollywood actors and other celebrities.

During 2015 I studied Matrix Energetics intensively with Richard Bartlett. Matrix is a “consciousness technology” moving away from a traditional healing approach towards non-dualistic healing. The “problem” with the healing approach is that it creates a polarity game in the person’s consciousness and this approach may enhance the problem rather than offer help.

The solution for this problem is to move away from doing and fixing and just to accept that we don’t heal but our higher self, the Christ Consciousness and ultimately the Great Creator or God does the healing.

I have eventually come to the conclusion that real healing is something that we cannot create by ourselves. It is the Higher Consciousness that does the work, and we merely act as channels. As Jeshua comments on Bible:

The Father Abiding in Me Doeth the Work

During 2017 I received several activations from Abdy Electriciteh, and this has completely changed my healing work. The kundalini energy or Shakti, which is required for healing work, is much strengthened through the work that Abdy does. I consider Abdy as his main teacher at the moment (although Abdy does not call himself a teacher). 

Recently I have also had the pleasure to meet with Thrity Engineer who has developed a unique and very powerful system of coherence that can greatly assist in healing work.

In total, I have spent over 14 years studying and practising various alternative medicine and healing training with well-known and respected teachers, and I am continuing to study and deepen my journey in this field every single day. This is a life-long journey.

I offer various Healing modalities as part of my session work. You can read more about them on my Healing page.

I work primarily with the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light while doing my healing work. I have also channelled meditations and healing techniques from the Beings of Light which I use in my practice. Some of these meditations will be available on my website later on.

I am also fascinated by Runes and the ancient wisdom that seems to be revealed by them. I have always been naturally clairvoyant.  Initially, at a younger age, this experience was a source of confusion. I can see flashes of past and the near future and often this is very accurate. Around 21st of December 2012 while visiting Glastonbury Tor I received a mystical vision about runes which I felt was an initiation for the information held in them. This inspired me to start doing readings with the runes. As part of the Shamanic training higher perception reading was part of the curriculum and this helped me to launch my career as an intuitive reader in addition to the healing work I was already doing. I am encouraged by the constant good feedback I receive.  I realise the Spiritual Counseling background and my work with the Game of Transformation help with being an intuitive reader.

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