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Lauri Wild


Lauri is certified and experienced in many energy healing systems including Bio-Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing and Matrix Energetics. Lauri is also a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Counsellor and a Psychic Seer.

Lauri’s main focus is on supporting people on spiritual awakening rather than physical healing as this seems to be more beneficial. Read more about his Spiritual Mastery Program. 

Lauri practises:

  • Psychic Healing

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Prayer Healing

  • Energy Healing

  • Higher Perception Channelling

Lauri has been trained or certified in: 

  • Matrix Energetics (I studied two years with Richard Bartlett in the USA)

    • Fundamentals (x3), Magic (x3), Spatial Clairvoyance and Field Trip (x2), Mastery, Master Harmonics Resonance Technology (MHRT), etc…

  • Bio-energy Healing, Certified 2000 by Astrid Neeme, 2-year programme in Finland

    • Core topics included: Aura scanning, bio-energy balancing, energy healing, psychic healing

  • Shamanic Healing (C.O.T.S), Certified 2013 by Jay and Kestrel Oakwood, 2-year programme in Glastonbury, UK

    • Core topics included: Shamanic Energy Healing, Soul Fragment retrieval, Various Regression and Journey Methods, Past Life Regression, Higher Perception reading, Rune Reading, etc…

  • Shamanic Energy Healing (Universal and Hawaii tradition), Certified 2011 by Claire Powell in Sussex, UK

    • Core topics include Hawaii Kahi Loa (Hawaiian Healing Massage), LomiLomi & Laulima (Hawaiian hands-on healing), Energy Balancing and Restoration, Breath Work, Smudging, elemental rebalancing and ritual weaving, bone washing, drum washing, rune reading, etc…

  • Spiritual Counselling certified 2003 by Rachel Clyne and Collette Barnard in Glastonbury, UK

  • Usui Reiki, Reiki Master, certified 2000 by Astrid Neeme in Finland (2-year programme, not a weekend!)

  • Usui Reiki, Level 1 and 2 certified 1992 and 1994 by Aila Norlamo in Finland

  • Game of Transformation Facilitator certified 1997 in Findhorn, UK

  • Homoeopathy (2 years of intensive study at the Kairon Institute, Helsinki, Finland, 1995 -1997)

  • Bach Flower remedies (set of 6 weekends, Frantsila, Tampere, Finland, 1995)

  • Relaxation therapy (1-year training, Finland, 1996) 

  • Active Dowsing (Albuquerque, New Mexico, under private tutoring in 2015)

  • Prayer Healing  (Albuquerque, New Mexico, under private tutoring in 2015)

  • Supercoherence clearing by Thrity Engineer (under private tutoring 2017)

Lauri has also studied the following techniques: 

  • The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson

  • Reconnection by Eric Pearl

  • Reading Akashic Records by Linda Howe

  • Past Life Regression by Dolores Cannon

  • Scientific Prayer by Susan Shumsky

  • Dowsing by Walt Woods (Letter to Robin)

Lauri respects the following teachings: 

  • Joel Goldsmith and The Infinite Way

  • Abdy Electriciteh sessions and teachings
  • Lisa Cairns (non-dualism)
  • Teachings of Rumi

  • Teachings of Krishnamurti

Summary of Lauri’s Story

Throughout his life, Lauri was always attracted to the healing force of God. In his teenage years, he began to experience mystical phenomena including out of body experiences and various states of Oneness. After years of studying healing and being on the mystical path and finally, through his Kundalini Awakening he became an activated channel for God’s work. 

His studies of over 14 years have included Matrix Energetics, Shamanic practices and various Energy Healing modalities. As he became more activated and he walked closer to his true being, he observed that sometimes miracles took place.

Lauri’s main heroes are Abdy Electriciteh and Dr Richad Bartlett. These two people have dramatically influenced Lauri’s healing work and helped to activate his gifts and to take them further. Richard’s Matrix enhanced Lauri’s psychic healing skills, Abdy’s activations enhanced Shakti energy and purified his connection to the Infinite God Field. 

Lauri is also very inspired by the late Joel Goldsmith and his guidance through the Infinite Way which is remarkable learning material. Also, Kimberly Meredith’s connection to the Holy Spirit and her healing demonstrations helped Lauri to understand how important unwavering 100% faith is in the healing process. Lisa Cairn’s modern take on non-dualism has been a great inspiration for him when learning about non-dualism. 

Lauri cannot forget Valeria Tignini’s sessions which helped me to experience the power of this field when I was still new to it. Jerry Wills is another unique healer, and his Gaia interviews have helped Lauri to connect to the simplicity of healing and prayer. 

There are so many teachers he would love to mention but the most important names, in addition to the ones already mentioned, are Eckhart TolleCaroline MyssRamthaDenise LinnDr William BengstonDr Bradley NelsonDr Eric Pearl, Eileen and Peter Caddy and also Dolores Cannon. And many more. 



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